Daniel Perantoni and Robert Tucci began a cooperative effort in mouthpiece design and manufacturing in 1970.

At that time the selection available to Euphonium and tuba players was limited to a few standard models or something passed down by a teacher or colleague.

Typical cup diameters (tuba) centred around 1 1/4 inches (31.5mm), medium-size cups predominated; usable F-tuba mouthpieces were all but non-existent.The Perantucci PT-30 was introduced in 1971 and reflected the design philosophies of the time. The rim is slightly rounded on the outer edge and sharper on the inner. The cup (32mm) is funnel-shaped and designed to produce a healthy well-centred sound. The 8.3mm throat bore gives good control over the air stream and is large enough to provide substantial volume. models PT-32 and PT-36 followed shortly thereafter. Model PT-32 is a larger version of the PT-30 (32.5mm) and has proven itself as a good all-round mouthpiece for CC and BBb tubas. Model PT-36 is still larger (33mm) and departs in several respects from conventional design. The rim is narrow with a sharp inner edge. The cup is designed to allow the air stream to move into the instrument quickly giving very fast response and scintillating sound. Various aspects of the design were adjusted and balanced to provide remarkable flexibility, excellent high range and projection.The Perantucci PT-36 set new precedents in mouthpiece design and quickly became one of the world’s most popular contrabass tuba mouthpieces.

Considerable research and experimentation was necessary before the first Perantucci F-tuba mouthpieces were introduced in 1973.

The Perantucci PT-60 and PT-62 (wider rim) were the first mouthpieces to combine an acceptable cup diameter (32.5mm) with cup, throat and backbore arranged for fast response, good intonation and easy high range. They provide a brilliant and live sound, capable of great projection. The desire to offer the same good qualities combined with a darker, broader sound was satisfied by the Perantucci PT-64. The Perantucci was an instant success and quickly established itself as one of the world’s most popular F-tuba mouthpieces.

The new breed of dynamic young tuba players dictated the need for even larger mouthpieces.

The PT-50 (33mm cup with a 8.3mm throat bore) and PT-88 (33.5mm with a 8.3mm throat bore) and PT-88 (33.5mm with a 8.2mm throat bore) were designed after considerable research by Mr. Perantoni. Both offer very large and deep cups topped off by narrow rims with sharper inner edges. The challenge of such dimensions is indeed great but it was possible to produce mouthpieces with good response and acceptable higher register performance. Not only were power players given the tools that they needed, but many medium and medium-large tubas were given a new lease of life.

Over the years various extensions and additions to basic models took place.

The Perantucci PT-66 is a stretched version of the PT-64. The PT-34 is a fast-response version of the PT-32. Models PT-80 and PT-82 offer particularly comfortable rims in medium-cup designs. The PT-80 works well on contrabass tubas but is also an excellent F or Eb-tuba mouthpiece when a broad and weighty sound is desired. Model PT-82 has a strong following among CC and BBb tuba players who want a clear and weighty sound coupled with easy low register response. Model PT-84 is a medium-size contrabass tuba mouthpiece (32mm cup diameter, 8mm throat bore) with ideal sound characteristics. The response and flexibility are very good, the sound has beautiful resonance and character and the rim is very comfortable. All in all a versatile and highly-successful standard mouthpiece, highly recommended for Eb tubas. Model PT-72 uses the same rim as the PT-84 but with the cup and backbore adjusted for F-tuba. Please note the increased cup (32.5mm) and throat (8.1mm) diameters. This gives the F-tuba unprecedented power and weight of sound, particularly in the low register. Make your F-tuba a powerhouse with the Perantucci PT-72! The PT-32 uses a comfortable rim, a standard cup diameter of 32.5mm and a slightly tighter throat (7.4mm) than other models. It combines professional response and sound characteristics with the ease of tone production and endurance required by young players. Perantucci PT-32: world-class quality in a versatile student mouthpiece.
A closer look at the Perantucci specification sheet shows up further interesting designs. The Perantucci PT-86 has a particularly wide cup (33.7mm) as does the PT-38 (34mm). The cup of the Perantucci PT-86 is full, yet not too deep, the same applies to the PT-38.

The most recent Perantucci tuba mouthpieces were introduced between 1990 and 1993.

Model PT-42 is a classic funnel design with all the characteristics preferred in this style. The sound can be modulated in any direction to provide a full spectrum of colours , the projection is excellent without being strident and the response is even and smooth with additional support and emphasis in the low range. This makes the PT-42 a highly desirable mouthpiece for medium-large and large BBb and CC-tubas. Model PT-44 is a highly-refined medium-large funnel cup design with beautiful core and projection. Model PT-49 is a full-cup model giving amazing strength to the sound. These mouthpieces succeed more than ever before in making the “sound of the professionals” accessible to every serious tuba player.

1990 saw two major changes to the Perantucci tuba mouthpiece line.

A new numbering system was introduced, based on progressive cup volume and separation into two general cup-style categories. A new outside shape was given to all Perantucci tuba mouthpieces. This is a heavy-duty version of a beloved classic design.

Mr. Perantoni, Mr. Tucci and their manufacturing staff have spared no effort to provide modern and progressive Euphonium and tuba players suitable tools with which their musical objectives can be readily attained. Perantucci tuba mouthpieces offer the greatest selection of mature, proven designs ever provided.