Perantucci tuba mouthpieces offer the greatest selection of mature, proven designs ever provided.

There are cup diameters ranging from 31mm to 34mm, cup depths from shallow to ultra-deep and rims that allow total control over articulation while providing good endurance. Backbones and shanks are optimised for excellent intonation and the right response on all types of instruments.

Perantucci tuba mouthpieces can be divided into two general categories:

Funnel-Cupped Perantucci Tuba Mouthpieces

These begin with the Model PT-30 and increase in volume and size of cup to the largest models such as the PT-49 and the PT-50. These mouthpieces were designed to accommodate the sound concepts developed by three generations of great tuba artists such as Bill Bel, Fritz Geib, Phillip Donitelli, Harvey Phillips, Arnold Jacobs and many highly recognised younger tuba artists such as the later John Fletcher. These make possible the broad and resonant sound desired for performance in professional ensembles. Although the smaller models work well on Eb or F-tubas, they, as well as the larger ones, are intended primarily for CC and BBb-tubas. The sound has strong fundamental resonance characteristics and ranges from horn-like to organ-like quality depending on the model chosen. The large models require well-developed, dedicated players. Their tonal output is unprecedented and they are very versatile in terms of range and velocity, due to thoroughly refined design criteria.

Round-Cup Models

The round-cup models PT-60 through to PT-88 enhance proven German design philosophy. They produce a vibrant and colourful sound, rich in overtones and capable of excellent projection. The rims are comfortable and compliment the cups to provide fast response and even sound and intonation over the complete register of the tuba. They are preferred by soloists and recording artists.

This unique collection of mouthpieces will accommodate any instrument or tonal concept. All models have clearly defined objectives. Some serve as intermediary steps for young or occasional players, where others are designed for players desiring a balance of qualities that suits a particular instrument or embouchure condition.

The rims have the weight necessary for strong tone production and the wall thickness is carefully adjusted to the volume of the respective cups.

The Perantucci tuba mouthpiece design concept does not stop at the end of the shank. These mouthpieces are carefully engineered to give every tubist “The Right Response” with any good instrument.